The management of Star Electric Company, Inc considers no phase of operations or administration as being of greater importance than accident prevention. It is the policy of the Company, therefore, to provide and maintain safe, healthful working conditions at all times, and to follow operating practices that will safeguard all employees and result in safe working conditions and an efficient operation.

It is the Policy of Star Electric Company, Inc.:

  1. To avoid accidents with their attendant suffer, loss of time, and possible impairment of earning power.
  2. To maintain neat, clean, safe attractive, and healthful working conditions.

Star Electric Company, Inc. is dedicated to its Safety Program and the compliance and enforcement of same.

Star Electric Company, Inc is a drug free workplace. All employees are required to comply with and participate in The Western Pennsylvania Electrical Labor Management Substance Abuse Program.

Star Electric Company, Inc maintains a Pennsylvania State Certified safety committee, which monitors workplace safety. The committee develops and reviews Employee Emergency Action Plans per project, reviews jobsite safety issues, and tracks injury occurrences.

Since inception of the committee the following goals have been attained:

  1. Standardized safety kits
  2. Standardized eyewear protection program
  3. Standardized hardhat program
  4. MSDS manual maintenance
  5. Safety program maintenance
  6. Zero tolerance policy for working on altered pieces of electrical equipment.
  7. Job Site Inspection Policy

Experience Modification Rate

Our safety program has direct correlation to our EMR rate. Our rates for the last five years are as follows:

  • Current – .823
  • 2013 – .982
  • 2012 – .866
  • 2011 – .871
  • 2010 – .697

Safety Committee Chairman: Scott Pingree –