Star Electric and Construction Company was founded by Mr. Walter C. Gloekler and Wilmer B. Caven on April 1, 1914. The corporate office was located at 100 Glen Caldah Street, Hazelwood, Pennsylvania. The company was established to do electrical installation work as Pittsburgh began to change over from gas to electric lighting. The company’s original slogan was “Everything Electrical”. The Department of Public Safety Bureau of Building Inspection Division of Wiring of the City of Pittsburgh issued License No. 13 to Star Electric & Construction Co on January 31, 1927.

Star Electric and Construction Company officially changed its name to Star Electric Company on April 11, 1941, with offices now located at 117 Flowers Avenue, Hazelwood, Pennsylvania. On January 3, 1945 Star Electric Company joined the local chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association. On June 18, 1951 Star Electric Company was officially incorporated with the State of Pennsylvania. Mr. Wilmer B. Caven, Mr. W.J. Weir and Mr. J. Vincent Burke Jr. were the incorporators of the company. At the June 25, 1951 shareholder meeting Mr. J. Vincent Burke resigned from the Board of Directors and Mr. Walter C. Gloekler was elected to fill his position. Star Electric Company relocated to its present day address on February 15, 1974. Effective February 28th, 2013 David J. Pingree Sr. became principal owner of Star Electric Company, Inc.